I have spent hours documenting, studying and analyzing the past 12 years of competition statistics (IIE will not release this data anymore!). Statistics don’t lie. If you want to know the best (and worst) Fulbright countries to apply to to maximize your chances of securing a Fulbright Scholarship, please consider purchasing my detailed Fulbright Advice Guide. In the Guide I have a detailed list of the best Fulbright and worst Fulbright countries to apply to historically.

Fulbright Scholarship Advice

Fulbright Advice Guide

I list the best countries to apply to. Save hours of time. Only $49.95 Only $14.95 for a Limited Time.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or money back.


“I have already read your entire Advice Guide and it has definitely (re)motivated me to get to it already! I must mention that i really enjoyed your straightforward tips and country-specific analysis. It was extremely thorough and engaging.” – Shannon, Rhode Island School of Design 


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