“Matthew, thank you very much for this info. I really enjoyed reading it and am very appreciative that you took the time to do this breakdown, it’s extremely helpful.

– Gabrielle K., Fulbright Scholar

“It is so so so wonderful and inspiring for you to provide this information and help out so many people that want to accomplish what you have.”

– Jessica L., University of Pennsylvania

“I have already read all the information and it has definitely (re)motivated me to get to it already! I must mention that i really enjoyed your  final report. It was extremely thorough and engaging.” 

– Shannon, Rhode Island School of Design

“Alma had three Fulbright winners this year, which brought our total to 20! You really started something huge–the Fulbright total is half of our grand total of 40 national scholarship winners.”

– Dr. Derick L. Hulme, Fulbright Advisor, Alma College.

“Thank you so much for making your materials available online! This really is an incredible, unique resource!” 
– John B., University of Chicago

“Thank you for sharing your documents with me. They were very helpful to read!”
– Rachel D., Northwestern University.

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