My Fulbright Proof (Documents)

Up until 2003, no student at Alma College in Alma, Michigan had ever won a Fulbright Scholarship. I was the first one, receiving notification of my award in the spring of 2003. In 2004, the year subsequent to my winning application, all seven (7) Alma College applicants made it past the first round and four (4) students from Alma College won – which tied Alma for 11th in the nation amongst liberal arts colleges for most Fulbright Scholars (see proof). More importantly, Alma attained a 57% success ratio, which ranked them 4th out of 65 total liberal arts colleges that submitted more than 1 application. Guess what they used? That’s right – my winning application methodology. It is not simply coincidence that a 120+ year established college that had won ZERO Fulbright Scholarships suddenly had 5 scholars in two years and an astounding 62.5% success ratio.  As of March 2011, Alma had 20 Winning Fulbright Scholars, 3 alternates and 6 finalists. According to Dr. Derick Hulme, Alma’s Fulbright Advisor, “You really started something huge–the Fulbright total is half of our grand total of 40 national scholarship winners.

Below are documents showing proof of my Fulbright Award:

Official Acceptance Letter from Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board

Official Acceptance Letter from Finnish Fulbright Commission

Link to Alma Grantees  on

Finnish Fulbright Center Grantees 2003-2004 (see page 3)

ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Newsletter (I’m 3rd from left in pic)

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