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The Advice Package includes:

  • Specific insight on all 9 Critical Steps to a Fulbright including insight into what I believe is one of the biggest mistakes that unsuccessful applicants make (hint: it’s not choosing the wrong country!).
  • Detailed 12-year Competition Statistics analysis so that you choose the right country!
  • Copy of my original application including emails where I ask and receive acknowledgment from host country leaders.
  • Required reports I submitted to the Fulbright Center.

I called IIE. They will no longer release past competition statistics. I have them plus a lot more. Only $49.95 $14.95.

Fulbright Scholarship Advice

“Alma had three Fulbright winners this year, which brought our total to 20! You really started something huge–the Fulbright total is half of our grand total of 40 national scholarship winners.” – Dr. Derick L. Hulme, Fulbright Advisor, Alma College.


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