Nine Critical Steps to Winning a Fulbright Scholarship

There are the nine critical steps to follow  in order to maximize your changes of winning a Fulbright Scholarship. In my Fulbright Advice Guide I delve much more deeply and provide analysis and advice that will save you dozens of hours and potentially avoid major pitfalls that dozens of Fulbright applicants fail to recognize each year!

  1. Focus on the Numbers.I have spent hours documenting, studying and analyzing the past 12 years of competition statistics (IIE will not release this data anymore!). Statistics don’t lie. Not only do I give you a long-term view of your chances of winning per country, but I also account for volatility. You NEED to understand the numbers before you spend ANY time applying for a Fulbright!
  2. Narrow Focus to Five Countries. Five is a manageable number to analyze thoroughly and quickly, and not get overwhelmed.
  3. Review Fulbright Country Descriptions for your Top 5. There are a number of key things you should be aware of that I will point out.
  4. Dig Deep Into Countries (i.e. Do you really want to live, work and study there?)
  5. Select a Topic.
  6. Formulate Research Proposal Draft. Relax, this is not as hard as you may think. I give you tips on how to think about this. It’s not rocket science.
  7. Secret Advice – Only revealed to paying customers!
  8. Secret Advice – Only revealed to paying customers!
  9. Finalize & Submit

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