Dear Future Fulbrighter:

Up until 2003, no student at Alma College in Alma, Michigan had ever won a Fulbright Scholarship. I was the first one, receiving notification of my award in the spring of 2003. In 2004, the year subsequent to my winning application, all seven (7) Alma College applicants made it past the first round and four (4) students from Alma College won – which tied Alma for 11th in the nation amongst liberal arts colleges for most Fulbright Scholars (see proof). More importantly, Alma attained a 57% success ratio, which ranked them 4th out of 65 total liberal arts colleges that submitted more than 1 application. Guess what they used? That’s right – my winning application. It is not simply coincidence that a 120+ year established college that had won ZERO Fulbright Scholarships suddenly had 5 scholars in two years and an astounding 62.5% success ratio.  As of March 2011, Alma had 20 Winning Fulbright Scholars, 3 alternates and 6 finalists. According to Dr. Derick Hulme, Alma’s Fulbright Advisor, “You really started something huge–the Fulbright total is half of our grand total of 40 national scholarship winners.

“Alma had three Fulbright winners this year, which brought our total to 20! You really started something huge–the Fulbright total is half of our grand total of 40 national scholarship winners.” – Dr. Derick L. Hulme, Fulbright Advisor, Alma College.

You do not have to be a genius to win a Fulbright Scholarship. You do have to be smart about how you apply. On average, 20% of applicants win.  I did not decide to pursue a Fulbright Scholarship until two months before the deadline! It is not hard to win a Fulbright if you plan and work smart. I have documented exactly what I did and combined it with statistical research, the result of which will save you hours and hours of time and increase your odds of winning this prestigious scholarship. All you have to do is follow the steps that I lay out here and be committed to finishing the application process.

Fulbright Application

Matt Friar, 2003-2004 Fulbright Fellow

Fulbright Scholarship Advice

Fulbright Advice Guide

In my Fulbright Scholarship Advice Guide , I delve into detail on the Nine Critical Steps to winning a Fulbright Scholarship. In addition, I provide you with an analysis of over a decade of Fulbright applicant/grant statistics, which will save you hours of time and dramatically increase your odds of securing a Fulbright Grant! I will also tell you how to avoid the #1 mistake that unsuccessful Fulbright applicants make! If you are not convinced, please see what others have said on my Testimonials Page.

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-Matthew Friar

2003-2004 US Fulbright Fellow

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  1. Mark Robertson says:

    Matt, I just wanted to thank you for providing your application and advice. I’ve been on the fence about applying for the Fulbright and I have to say that the few dollars I spent on your Guide was well worth it. I’m looking forward to applying and feel like I have a strategy!